A character condemned for adultery in the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne

He does not reveal to anyone that he is indeed Hester's lover and Pearl's father, and lets Hester take the blame for everything. The brilliant man that he is, he soon figures out that Dimmesdale is the culprit.

Also, the sun never shines on Hester, maybe a sign that God is angry with her. Even though Dimmesdale and Danforth held different powers in their society, their positions were threatened or destroyed by the ethic of body politic, and they were ultimately subjected to the impending doom of self oppression under the statute of God is law.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Because the society excludes her, she considers the possibility that many of the traditions held up by the Puritan culture are untrue and are not designed to bring her happiness. When he ultimately comes clean in front of the townspeople about his affair, he does so on the scaffold.

The sun always shines on Pearl though, as she is an innocent and pure child, albeit born from sin. Her quotations and her constant childish questioning of Hester shows that she is far more mature than her age. Another friend, critic Edwin Percy Whippleobjected to the novel's "morbid intensity" with dense psychological details, writing that the book "is therefore apt to become, like Hawthorne, too painfully anatomical in his exhibition of them".

This shows her recognition of her impurity and that she would have liked to have been pure so that she could have changed womanhood. It depicts the Puritan method of punishment for breaking the law. However, she is also Hester's reason to keep living; she does things to make Hester happy.

It represents shame and penance. The hardships that Hester faces, her guilt, her shame, her vengeful husband set out to find her lover, and the lover who lets her take all the blame - all these aspects are described beautifully in the tale.

Hester was in no way legally or religiously bound to wear the badge. Other dark colors like black and gray symbolize dullness, gloom, and the Puritan way of living. As to enmity, or ill-feeling of any kind, personal or political, he utterly disclaims such motives".

Danforth was the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts and the presiding judge at the witch trials. Forman were the subjects of an adultery scandal in in England. In the beginning, it is used as a symbol of adultery and sin, when Hester is forced to wear it and stand on the scaffold for the whole town to see.

The only remarkable features of the sketch are its frank and genuine good-humor Symbolism and Character Analysis A bestselling story and a popular read even today, The Scarlet Letter is a marvelous story that comes from the mind of Nathaniel Hawthorne, a brilliant and legendary writer.

The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay Sample

Do you see that woman with the embroidered badge? Forman were the subjects of an adultery scandal in in England. She lives a quiet, somber life with her daughter, Pearl, and performs acts of charity for the poor.

Symbols[ edit ] The following are symbols that are embedded in The Scarlet Letter: When Dimmesdale dies, she knows she has to move on because she can no longer conform to the Puritans' strictness.Hester Prynne, who wears the scarlet letter "A" as punishment for her adultery.

“The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay Sample

Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, Hester's former lover and the father of her child. Pearl, the elf-like daughter of. Her character is almost entirely symbolic. She is the living representation of Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter, both in meaning and appearance, for both stand to publicize Hester Prynne’s shame and both are dressed up, scarlet and elaborately decorated.

In this novel you will find that the main characters are the prime examples of Love, Hate, Sin, and Purity. Although adultery is condemned and seen as sin, adultery isn't what Hawthorne focuses on. Through my analysis of the Scarlet Letter I noticed that there were three different types of love.

The Scarlet Letter: A Romance, an novel, is a work of historical fiction written by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is considered his "masterwork". Scarlet Letter-Hester Prynne The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne is a complex novel with in depth characterization.

This analysis is about Hester Prynne, the main character and focuses on three of her attitudes, appearance, and morals. The three changes in the scarlet letter were significant, and they showed her sin, her ability, and her life (Study World). Hester was shown as a strong, admirable woman who went through more emotional torture than most people go through in a lifetime.

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A character condemned for adultery in the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne
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