Ben samuels and phil jones

Ben believed that if you treat people right, they will do a good job for you without close supervision or prodding.

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When Phil observed a worker wasting time or making a mistake, he would reprimand the person right on the spot to set an example. But Imogen then decides she can't be at the dinner as she doesn't want to face Callum.

Ben is more democratic, and Phil is more autocratic. He never conducted planning and he also delegates decision making to his subordinates since he believed that his subordinates are trustworthy and capable of doing it. Phil Jones is a operate out or task- oriented boss who shows more interest in productivity.

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It is clearly described that Ben Samuels is a relations-oriented leader, while Phil Jones is a task-oriented leader. And Callum is not at all happy about Toadie spilling the beans.

Demanding objectives were set for each department, and weekly meetings were held with each supervisor to review department performance. He tried to avoid any layoffs when production demand was slack, figuring that the company could not afford to lose skilled workers that are so difficult to replace.

He later realises that he does have feelings for Josie and asks her to the school dance. When Toadie is paralysed after an accident, Callum considers flying home to help out, but Toadie tells him to stay in California.

Callum Jones

Employees have sense of loyalty because Ben always worked for betterment of employees. Callum leaves the house, but later returns and Roz tells Toadie that Callum can stay with him. Callum continues meeting Sonya in secret and he tries to make her promise not to relapse, but Sonya explains that she cannot do that.

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Following a stint as a paperboy, Sonya gives Callun a job in her garden nursery. According to the story, it would be best if I employ both methods or adapt to both leadership behaviours at the same time.

Callum creates a mobile game, featuring a girl that looks like Imogen. The workers knew that if they had a special problem, Ben would try to help them.

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At the same time, I will be a task-oriented leader who concerns toward improving company productivity. But when Callum finds Rani talking to Bailey, he becomes angry and fights with Bailey again.

However, his task-oriented behaviour has resulted in high productivity.Read the case study and answer the questions assigned to the case.

QUESTIONS. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben and Phil. Ben Samuels is a People-Oriented leader consolidated products Ben Samuels Phil Jones Plant Manager Believes in treating employees properly Replacement Believed that human relations training was a waste of time Implemented changes.

Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. Ben Samuels is an employee-centered leader because who shows more interest in people and focus on the human needs of their subordinates, as expressed through the dimensions of leader support and facilitating positive interaction among followers/5(1).

Dec 22,  · Consolidated Products Case questions and answers 1. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. Ben Samuels is an. Original Scans, Photographs, Pictures, of teen actors, boy celebrities, along with entertainment news.

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Ben samuels and phil jones
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