Funny college pranks

OrugTor June 16, at 1: But don't get caught. Dylan June 16, at 4: KIDS if you want to play good pranks, get an adult with sound judgment involved, don't get into trouble and don't be disrespectful!!

Obtain a small hypodermic needle and syringe Fill it with Habanero pepper extract or hot sauce. Ask your victim to let you crack 3 eggs for their head for dollars. She leaned up against the wall facing the door and waited. Cut one side of the box so that you are able to close the cabinet but when the cabinet is opened the marbles all start rolling out of the box onto the counter top when the cabinet is opened - It makes a big noise.

But who cares, right? Salty Drink For this funny prank take your friend's drink, preferably a non fizzy drink, and load it with salt. Local performing arts, storytelling, vernacular fiction, and poetry offer a wide variety of humorous styles and sensibilities. EGGS - Try this prank on someone who drinks Guinness or any other beer that is difficult to see thru.

Reece nodded and they took off at a jog to follow Kristy. Set a favorite office stationary item in jello then serve it. Be warned you will likely get grounded.

Pee will go everywhere. Watch as chaos ensues. Place them going in opposite directions under the toilet seat and on the toilet bowl.

Scary Pranks Skylight If you have a skylight in your house. Pulling the Fire Alarm Find a way to get tear gas or an excessive amount of pepper spray. When he wakes up and brushes his teeth he will have one hell of a surprise. Fill the most likely emergency exit with this pepper spray or tear gas and pull the fire alarm.

6 College Pranks We Wish We'd Thought Of

One could imply the other. TS June 28, at 1: How do you make a tissue dance? Sometimes you can't just let things go and get over it. So what if ti makes you laugh?Ideas for Fun and Safe College Pranks. There are many different pranks that can be successfully staged in a college setting, and the following pranks are harmless.

Early life. Brodkin attended the independent University College School, Hampstead, in the London Borough of Camden. Brodkin studied medicine at the University of Manchester, graduating in He practised medicine in Manchester city hospitals untilwhen.

Those Damn Micro Transactions Get You Every Time. There's an extra minute of the video but it'll cost you $ US. Nightwork: A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT [Institute Historian T.

F. Peterson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Before the term hacking became associated with computers, MIT undergraduates used it to describe any activity that took their minds off studying.

College Prank Ideas

These pranks aren’t pranks: they are asinine, petty, stupid, moronic wastes of time. Chill my ass, if someone did that to me, I’d have the cops on ‘em like flies on poo. Funny Pranks. BIG BANG BIRTHDAY - Take a cake pan, place a water balloon filled with water inside. Decorate the top of water balloon with icing.

Get the birthday boy/girl to.

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Funny college pranks
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