Salisbury arts centre business plan

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The numbers are (08) 8xxx where xxx is the extension. Online: There are specific online forms for different contact types. Salisbury Arts Centre is a multi-artform venue dedicated to making imaginations fly. From theatre and dance to music, comedy, film and exhibitions: discover a vibrant hub of arts activity housed in a beautiful deconsecrated church building.

Salisbury Playhouse, Arts Centre and Arts Festival WILL merge. Talks to come up with a business plan have been underway for the last couple of months. better scope to exploit the art that we put on across the various stages and put out through the Festival and the Arts Centre." Salisbury Arts Centre - one of the three organisations.

9 days ago · Explore Salisbury. Once you’ve indulged in the food of your choice take time to explore the city further.

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Plan Your Visit. Maps & Guides, Getting To Salisbury, Car Parking & Car Parks, Group Travel, Disabled Access, Tourist Information Centre, Business Services. Community Services, Education and Training, Financial and Business. The Port Pirie Regional Council region nestles between the sheltered waters of the Spencer Gulf and the magnificent Southern Flinders Ranges.

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Salisbury arts centre business plan
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