Victorian letter writing

Even the most polished of letter writers sought additional instruction on letter writing through letter writing manuals. However, prior tothe post was expensive. Its Importance and Practicability.

Wikipedia] Under the reforms proposed by Rowland Hill, and upon the introduction in Great Britain of the famous adhesive "Penny Black" inpostage was now based on weight. The family owned gold seal I have used holds an inset carnelian intaglio bearing the engraved intials,"J.

Today, with all the digital automated fonts available, learning the Victorian penmanship is not going to be an easy task. Alternatively, granules of the red wax could be melted in a spoon over a candle and placed on the paper. I was not rich, but had sufficient, as I thought, for comfort, and thinking you would be content with a moderate competency, I invited Victorian letter writing to share mine.

The paper, which is hand-made, will ordinarily have a visible watermark and will have been made of recycled and bleached fibre extracted from cotton and linen rags.

Writing Style in Victorian Era

Many guides cautioned that anyone could read your letters and thereby make inferences about you, even if those who you corresponded with assured you that they burnt your epistles.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson, I will add your email to a list for my own purposes and will only send emails regarding the pen friend exchange or other Guild activities I think you might be interested in, such as giveaways or letter writing challenges.

The famous "Penny Black", introduced in [Source: The frankness of your letter agrees with the idea that I had already formed of your character, and inspires me with confidence that you are incapable of any motive which should justly cause a lady to treat you with the severity of greater formality.

Writing style of famous Victorian authors The Victorian era was the great age of the English novel: For men, they advocated as plain paper as could be made available, and for women a light spritz of perfume was sometimes acceptable.

Gentle reader, I have a terrible confession to make: When I asked you to marry me, I believed that we were congenial, and that I could make you happy. Tennyson, Browning, Carlyle, Ruskin — all were the teachers of England with the faith in their moral message to instruct the world. The whole age seems to be caught in the conception of man in relation to the universe with the idea of evolution.

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Full Mailing Address including zip code and country 3. There were different types of copperplate penmanship, such as: But black would be the standard colour to use for our purposes.

By keeping the seal at the same side as the bottom of the address on the reverse front side this should ensure that the Post Office hand stamp impression will not be placed anywhere near the wax seal, either cracking it or risking an indistinct stamp impression.

Even ink was hotly debated; though all sides agreed on bold black ink, blue was sometimes suggested as an alternative, and all other colors shunned, though most letter-writing guides acknowledged that they had once been in fashion. I am, with great respect and devoted love, Henry B—.

All night I have been pacing my floor, trying to decide what course it was my duty to pursue, and I have decided to answer you as frankly as you desire.

Victorian letter writing guides

When I inform you that Mrs. The Edwardian Style appeared to be more of the contemporary handwriting style compared to the French Style.

Victorian Era – Letter Writing and Post Offices

Now, again with your ruler, fold the very top of the letter horizontally downwards about 30mm from the top of the page.By the Victorian era letter writing was truly an art and high standards were expected.

As with so many other things, there was a correct and proper way to do things and no one should be in any doubt as to how this should be achieved. Find great deals on eBay for victorian writing. Shop with confidence. A letter’s physical appearance, in addition to content, was a key concern for letter-writing guides.

For men, they advocated as plain paper as could be made available, and for women a light spritz of perfume was sometimes acceptable. Writing style of famous Victorian authors The Victorian era was the great age of the English novel: realistic, thickly plotted, crowded with characters and long.

It was the ideal form to describe the contemporary life and to entertain the middle class. "A beautifully researched study of how the Victorian Penny Post altered human relations.

Victorian letter writing guides

As Golden eloquently documents, family and friends could, at last, easily keep in touch with distant relatives, but cheap postage also provided new opportunities for blackmailers and con calgaryrefugeehealth.coms: 1. An Autumn Pen Friend Exchange at The Victorian Letter Writers Guild We had such a wonderful time corresponding during the Summer Pen Friend Exchange and now it's time to kick off the Autumn Exchange!

Examples of Victorian Era Penmanship

If you enjoy handwritten correspondence with like-minded people, The Victorian Letter Writers Guild may be for you!

Victorian letter writing
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